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Brown Leather Watchroll

  • 45 KD
  • Product Code: BrRoll
  • Availability: In Stock

Features :

    • Compartmentalized case that can hold up to 3 watches
    • Leather exterior
    • Soft camo interior
    • Closing by three snap buttons
    • Hand made
  • Dimensions: 23 x 9,5 X 8 cm
  • Watch not included

All your watches deserve to be secured in a high quality watch roll. With the Tempomat’s innovative luxury design and handcrafted Watch Roll, your watches will be protected against scratches with three interior removable watch pillows, ensuring maximum safety against damage.


The exterior is made of natural leather and finished with dark green embroidery, keeping a classy and classic appearance.

The interior comes with our famous and already classic camouflage design made of soft material for maximum protection.

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