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Vintage Rolex

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The protagonists of this book are the 300 vintage Rolex watches sold at the auction “Rolex Collection of Guido Mondani.” Among the most important watch auctions in history, it was held on April 1 and May 13, 2006 in Geneva. The resulting sum, an incredible 11,037,278 CHF, demonstrates that a Rolex is truly a secure investment. In the following pages you will find the watches sold at auction with detailed descriptions, and their hammer prices.


Prince, classic and shaped, moon phases, chronographs, split-second, personalized dials, Daytona, “Paul Newman”, Veriflat, Speedking, Panerai,Gmt-Master, Submariner etc.


Antiquorum’s sale proved to be as spectacular as expected, setting 15 new records over the course of two sessions in Geneva, including the highest price ever paid for a Rolex at auction. This auction is the world’s most important thematic auction, entirely dedicated to Rolex watches.

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